Reinharte R3 Coilovers (FD3S)

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Reinharte Racing Suspension is a bespoke suspension system that is hand assembled and valved per your application right here in Illinois. 



R3 is a 16 way adjustable with independent rebound and high speed low speed compression adjustments 

- Fully independent ride height and pre load adjustment 

- EDP corrosion resistant coating 

- 2 year warranty 

- Custom built to your needs / per application 

- Bespoke support 

Macpherson applications receive inverted dampers by default, as well as thrust (radial) bearings to prevent spring bind. 


- Dyno Chart 

- All weather shock covers 

- Clicker extension when applicable 

*Additional options available upon request - Please contact us (fee's may apply)*

- Aluminum damper Casing 

- Swift Spring 

- Hyper Co Spring 

- Anti friction damper coating 

**Upon ordering we need the following information in the notes of your order**

- Car Make / Model / Year
- Car Weight
- Power Level (TQ) 
- What you are using the car for ( Auto cross, Daily, Canyon runs, Track use etc) 
- Tire Size 
- Tire Compound 
- Any Aero 

**Please allow 2-3 weeks for build time**