APEX PhD Spec BMW G8x 19x11 Forged Non-Staggered Wheels Package

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This package REQUIRES camber plates to fit! RKP Fender Liner recommended for improved clearance on full lock! 

As tested on the PhD G87 M2, the PhD Spec APEX 19x11 Wheels allow for a squared tire setup for avid track enthusiasts looking to find more grip with their G80 / G82/ G87 M cars. Enables tire choices from 275/35/19 up to 305/30/19.  

The package Includes: APEX 19x11 Wheels x4, Motorsport Hardware Spacers x4, Motorsport Hardware Black Extended Lug Bolts x20.

Available in multiple finishes and two wheel style: VS-5RS & SM-10RS. 

Optional MH Stud Conversion Kit available in place of extended lug bolts. Please note we recommend replacing studs every racing season as service items.

For M2, M3, M4, M3 Comp, M4 Comp, M3 CS, M4 CSL.