Antigravity Light Weight Lithium-Ion Car Batteries

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Antigravity Batteries has changed the game again with our latest Lithium-Ion Car Batteries. The newest RE-START line of batteries offers built-in WIRELESS Remote-activated Jump-Starting, plus a full Battery Management System (BMS) for the safest, longest cycle life possible. They come in exact-fit OEM sizes for most all modern Performance and Passenger Cars/Trucks. We are the First Lithium-Ion Battery company to offer the most popular BCI Sizes including H5/Group-47, H6/Group-48, H7/Group-94R, Group-35 and others. If you need a more compact battery that will be best for Race or performance car applications, see the RS-30 or ATX30-RS. They also feature a full BMS and our RE-START technology (not wireless). All Antigravity Automotive Batteries offer much higher power and are ultra lightweight compared to the lead/acid batteries they replace. Enjoy better starting and handling, shorter braking distances, better acceleration, better gas mileage, and many other benefits.



  • H6-10.75x7x7.5 in
  • H7- 12.25x7x7.5 in
  • H8- 14x7x7.5 in

Cranking power:

  • 24Ah=1000CA
  • 40Ah=1500CA
  • 60Ah=1800CA
  • 80Ah=2000CA
Exclusive RE-START Technology: Wireless Jump-Starting built-in; just press the button on your Keyfob remote.