Nankang Motorsports CR-S Sportnex Tire (2023 spec, V2)

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Nankang Motorsports CR-S Sportnex


**We are currently experiencing a supply shortage on this product. We are taking orders for future shipment allocations. Please feel free to contact us regarding securing allocations, inventory and ETA information.**

Nankang CR-S is an Extreme Performance summer tire specifically designed for Club Racers participating in Autocross, Time Attack, HPDE & Circuit Racing. CR-S is also SCCA , NASA, & Gridlife Legal 200TW tires.

The tires were developed for those that demand the highest level of performance out of a DOT-approved tire.
Like most other motorsports tires, these are not intended to be stored nor driven in near freezing temperatures.

CR-S's asymmetric tread design is engineered specifically to increase rigidity to provide extreme levels of grip while providing direct steering response.  
The aramid reinforced sidewall provides precise and responsive handling, while providing consistent performance.
The circumferential grooves evacuate water for improved traction and handling in the wet.

CR-S is engineered with experience from Nankang motorsport department’s racing tire concept. Each tire compound is engineered with enhanced formula for extreme levels of performance.

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