AP Racing by Essex 2-piece Competition J Hook Disc Pair (Front 410x36mm)- Porsche 991 GT3/GT3RS PCCB

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AP Racing by Essex 2-piece Competition J Hook Front iron disc pair for 991.1 & 991.2 GT3 & GT3 RS to replace PCCB discs.

  • 16.14" x 1.40" (410mm x 36mm)
  • Huge increase in airflow, cooling capacity, and durability vs. OEM PCCB discs
  • Drastically less expense long-term running costs vs. PCCB
  • Must use standard front 991 GT3/GT3RS pad shape used in OEM iron system (not compatible with OE PCCB Pad shape)
  • Allows normal function of OEM parking brake
  • Over twice as many internal cooling vanes as the OEM PCCB's
  • Weighs almost the same as the OEM 380x34mm iron discs, despite much larger size
  • Designed for: club racing, time trial, autocross, HPDE
  • Works with OEM calipers and wheels, no modifications required
  • Ultralight, fully floating, anodized billet aluminum hat with float control/anti-rattle clips

Fits: Front (991 Gen Porsche 911 GT3, GT3RS with PCCB)