Front Splitter Kit for Porsche 911 GT3RS 991 Gen by Verus Engineering

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Front splitters are very effective at producing front end downforce without increasing drag significantly. They do this by creating a large pressure delta between the top and bottom surfaces. We then incrementally improved the front splitter by adding design tweaks to the underside of the splitter to improve flow with our carbon splitter diffusers. All of this adds up to a front splitter kit for the 991.2 GT3RS that creates a large amount of additional front end downforce.

The splitter is produced from a carbon thermoplastic, which is the same material used in high forms of Motorsports. The material is not brittle, so no more issues with cracking like carbon fiber and ABS. It will not grab and bend under the car like aluminum units either. It is a great splitter material.

Bracketry was designed off scan data and precision cut and bent to ensure repeatability. The carbon diffusers were developed in CFD to promote flow and improve downforce generation. The splitter was designed to balance out large rear wings, more specifically our V1x for the chassis.