HKS Hipermax R Kit for 2020+ Toyota GR Supra

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Spring Rate: Front = 137 N/mm (14 kgf/mm) / Rear = 196 N/mm (20 kgf/mm)
Vehicle Height (Highest - Lowest)
- FRONT: -24mm (-15mm to -45mm)
- REAR: -29mm (0mm to -71mm)

The HIPERMAX R Series has evolved all of handling, traction, and ease of fit to a new series by concentrating the technological capabilities cultivated over the past 9 years since the launch of MAX IV SP. The HIPERMAX R Series has achieved overwhelming performance that is unrivaled by any other brand.

HIPERMAX R Special Equipment

HIPERMAX R Exclusive newly developed oil SRF (Super Response Fluid)
Special high-viscosity oil that is resistant to heat sagging has been developed. Damping starts up from a very low speed range, resulting in reliable handling, great damping and high stability.

HIPERMAX R Exclusive High-Strength Spring LVS(Low Vibration Spring)
Newly developed special spring for high-strength wire that is ideal for sports driving. Provides excellent response and smooth ride.

Spring Retainer
Retainer on top of spring is standard equipment. This eliminates side forces and lowers friction. Stability is improved by following changes in load.

HIPERMAX R Core Technology

Dual PVS: Dual Preload Valve System
Features the Dual Preload Valve System originally designed for the HIPERMAX S. By carefully selecting valve shims for each vehicle model, the settings are tailored to the vehicle to provide direct handling and reliable stability.

WR Needle: Wide range damping force adjustment mechanism
The improved shape of the needle expands the oil relief channel. Each step of the 30 steps adjustment is now more prominent. Having softer adjustment options gives more options for street driving.

The advanced bump rubber newly featured for HIPERMAX S is utilized. The shape aims for an early bump touch, gradually damping the load and suppressing abrupt changes in movement.

Single Tube System
The Mono-Tube design of the HIPERMAX series is adopted. The structure allows the gas and oil chambers to be separated, and the use of a large-diameter piston provides high quality and stable damping force characteristics.

Inverted Type Damper for Strut Type
Firm rigidity against stress has been achieved. It works to the advantage of various performances when driving, and provides excellent handling and ride comfort.

PNE Coating
Prevents sticking due to rust, which is the bottleneck of full-length adjustable dampers. Also, the smooth surface reduces the force required for vehicle height adjustment.

Pillow Upper Mount
The genuine rubber upper eliminates unnecessary movement, making more precise and sharper handling.

HKS suspension generates optimum damping force, delivers optimum traction in any driving situation and responds linearly to any road conditions to achieve both ride comfort and driving performance.