PhD Racing G8X M2/M3/M4 Lv.2 Handling Package

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PHD RACING G8X M2/3/4 Lv. 2 Package. This package includes the following parts.

  • SPL Adjustable Front Tension Rods
  • SPL Adjustable Front Lower Control Arm
  • SPL Adjustable Rear Toe Link+Eccentric Lock Outs
  • Optional Coilover Kit (Ohlins, Nitron, or JRZ) with KW EDC Canceller
  • PhD Racing Lab set up guide and support

The G8X M2, M3 M4 PhD Handling package is here!

Improve the driving performance further from your level 1 Kit. The Level 2 kit provides you with more tuning options to dial in the car 100% to your liking. This kit will unlock alignment options including caster, toe, and provide suspension geometry corrections. 

Coilover options are provided for different price points and different user applications. For those with a road/track duo-purpose car, we recommend choosing between the Ohlins system and the Nitron R1 system. For those who want the best performance on track, we recommend the Nitron R3 system and the JRZ PRO 2 system.