SakeBomb Competition Dual Oil Cooler System - FD3S

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  • Maximum cooling efficiency to protect our already hot running motors, and eliminate overheating concerns by taking significant load off of the water cooling system.
  • Direct bolt-on, with no fabrication, modification, or custom work involved
  • OEM look and fit
  • Higher-quality components/brackets, yet still more affordable than the competition.
  • Two cooler sizes: Different oil-cooler capacities to fit your car's cooling requirements, and your budget.
  • Coolers can be swapped out at any time to upgrade capacity, and coolers will work with '93+, '99 spec, and some aftermarket bumpers.
  • Over-engineered: Pressure and temperature ratings for ALL of our lines and fittings vastly exceed the maximum pressure and temperature ever generated by the oiling system, to ensure durability and longevity.

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All of our kits include:

  • High Performance 19 or 25 row cooler cores 
  • Mocal 180 degrees oil thermostat
  • Stainless steel and Aluminum mounting brackets for oil coolers and thermostat
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • All lines (rubber/stainless/nylon racing) come pre-assembled and pressure tested with subtle black and silver Mocal fittings.

Options include:

  • '99 Spec / Aftermarket Bumper Hardware (+$130): Those of you running a '99 spec or aftermarket bumper will need to upgrade to this redesigned kit so that the coolers clear the bumper and can make better use of the larger inlets. (Please see the *note below)
  • Stainless Steel Braided Lines (+$65): Highest pressure and temp rating of all the lines we offer (and they look great!) but care must be taken when routing them as the SS braids can wear into anything they come in contact with.
  • Nylon Braided Racing Lines (+$115): Black Nylon reinforced lines, ultra lightweight, high pressure and temp rating (and they look great!). These nylon lines have the benefits of braided reinforcement (like SS lines) but without the abrasion problems and lack of flexibility associated with SS lines.

A note about the '99 Spec / Aftermarket Bumper Hardware:

  • When running the ‘99 Spec front bumper the coolers needed to be repositioned to utilize the larger bumper inlets and clear the rebar and '99 fog lights. Special fittings are required to then clear the headlights, in addition there is a more complex bracket setup required to relocate it to the proper position.
  • Aftermarket bumpers: We engineered a small amount of adjustability into the '99 Spec brackets in hopes that people with aftermarket bumpers could adjust the position of the oil coolers to work with their bumper. We could not test the coolers with every aftermarket bumper out there (so we can't guarantee 100% that the brackets will fit without modification) but more than likely there is enough adjustability to fit the majority of aftermarket bumpers out there. You have an even better chance if your bumper uses the 99 lights or similar, as those bumpers were typically designed to work with the stock '99 oil cooler setup (which is basically how ours fits).