SakeBomb Rear Spherical PIllow Ball kit - FD3S

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ntroducing the new SakeBomb Garage: F.K.(USA) based Rear-Pillow-Ball Replacement Bearings.  These are a direct replacement for the OEM Pillow Balls from Mazda.  The stock pillow balls have an internal Nylon liner - which is known to fail often, creating a number of issues with the rear of the car with unconstrained movement - preventing proper alignment, rear traction issues, and wheel hop.  Our motorsports-grade Teflon-lined bearings are a direct replacement for factory, featuring F.K.(USA) Bearing®.  They can be rebuilt in the future as needed with new bearings, but with a Teflon liner will be more durable than OEM with higher performance, reduced deflection, and a longer life span!    


Optional  MAZDA OEM replacement dust and moisture seals available in sets of 12 (two per bearing).  Sets of SBG Spherical Pillow-Ball-Replacements sold in sets of 6.