PhD Racing Supra TA90 Lv.2 Handling Package

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PhD Racing Lab TA90 Lv.2 Package for 2020+ GR Supra (A90)

The Lv.2 kit provide further improvements over Lv.1, especially on correcting suspension geometry & bumpsteer. You will be able to fully adjust the camber and caster on the front axle, as well as fine-tuning your alignment specs at the track with basic tools. Lv.2 Package will further improve your car's cornering ability and lap times by enabling customized suspension setup to dial in your A90 Supra's cornering behavior to your liking. 

This kit includes the following items (in addition to Lv.1 Package):

  • SPL Front Lower Control Arms
  • SPL Adjustable Front Caster Rod Monoball Bushings
  • SPL Rear Toe Links + Eccentric Lockouts
  • SPL F&R Adjustable Swaybar links
  • PhD Racing Lab Setup Guide and Support