TCOFF MOTORSPORTS Downpipe for B58 2020+ Toyota Supra A90

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Introducing TCOFF MOTORSPORTS Downpipe for 2020+ Toyota Supra A90. Increase horsepower and torque with our race & catted options. Perfect for passionate Supra enthusiasts!

Get ready to boost up your ride with our downpipe, featuring a 4.5″ stainless steel design and a CNC 304 grade stainless steel flange for a slick connection between the turbo and mid-pipes. Each TCOFF MOTORSPORTS downpipe is meticulously crafted from SS304 grade stainless steel by skilled hands.

Our downpipe features a welded-in heat shield designed to contain the hot turbo gases within the downpipe as much as possible. This helps to control the engine bay temperature and enhances heat extraction. 

TCOFF MOTORSPORTS Downpipe for the 2020+ Toyota Supra A90 with B58 Engine

  • Constructed using TIG welding with 4.5'' SS304 for durability and strength.
  • Achieve up to 100whp and 85wtq gains with tuning on pump gas, enhancing performance significantly.
  • Designed to support high-horsepower vehicles, ensuring reliability under demanding conditions.
  • Optional 200 cell high-flow catalytic converter available, offering a balance between performance and emissions control in some race class.
  • Features a built-in heat shield for optimal temperature control, protecting engine components.
  • Engineered with smooth bends to reduce turbulence and increase airflow efficiency.
  • Compatible with both OEM and aftermarket cat-back exhaust systems, providing versatility in customization.



2020+ A90 Toyota Supra 3.0