Titan 7 T-P10 Forged Wheels for BMW G8x M2, M3, M4 - PhD Spec 19x11 Non-Staggered

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We are excited  to debut the new Titan 7 T-P10 on our PhD M2, now available exclusively at PhD Racing Lab! 

The PhD Spec Titan 7 T-P10 19x11 Wheels allow for a squared tire setup for avid track enthusiasts looking to find more grip with their G80 / G82/ G87 M cars. Enables tire choices from 275/35/19 up to 305/30/19.  

  • FITS OEM DAMPERS! (REQUIRES camber plates)
  • RWD & xDrive Fitment confirmed!
  • Hubcentric for BMW G8x
  • Fender Liner Clearance Grille Kit recommended for improved clearance on full lock! 
  • Specs: 19x11 +9 5x112 66.6 CB

For M2, M3, M4, M3 Comp, M4 Comp, M4 CSL, M3 CS. 

NOTE: Every manufacturer measures tire width differently, so while one brand's 305/30/19 might fit with no rubbing, another brand's 305 might cause issues.  Please consult following guide on confirmed tire fitment:

  • 305/30/19 Nankang CRS (M2, M3 Comp xDrive)
  • 285/35/19 Bridgestone RE71RS (M4 Comp xDrive)
  • 305/30/19 Hankook RS4 (M2, M3 Comp xDrive) 
  • 305/30/19 Goodyear Supercar 3R (M2)