VAC Motorsport Seat Installation Kit for BMW G8x M Cars

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VAC Race Seat Installation Kits are by far the easiest, most popular and best way to mount race seats into your G-series BMW, period. Kit Includes VAC's Lap Belt Mounting Bracket Kit (one pair), Harness Anti-Sub Mounting Bracket, Floor Mount Adapters & Superior Side Mount Brackets. Seat Slider Available as Option VAC's acclaimed Race Seat Installation Kit is a nearly 100% universal application that will work with almost any side-mount install sport or racing seat, and allow a properly centered and comfortable driving position. These have been used to install all popular brands including: Sparco, Cobra, Status, MOMO, Bride, Recaro, Sabelt, Kirkey ect. Some Racetechs, including the RT-1000 may require slight modification to the side mounts but the majority do not. The bottom line: this kit will work with nearly any side mount seat available!

Kit Includes:

  1. VAC Motorsports Billit Floor Mount Kit
  2. VAC Motorsports Universal Side Mount Brackets
  3. VAC Motorsports LP Lap Belt Mount Bracket Kit 
  4. VAC Motorsports Anti-Sub Mounting Bar
  5. (Optinal) VAC Motorsports Seat Slider kit